These Features of the Estoque Lamborghini Will Surely Make You Want to Own It!!

Not satisfied with the construction of the realm’s most unusual two-seated supercars, Lamborghini is now in a quest to make the world’s most rigorously sporty four-door sedan. This is the first time Lamborghini fans waited for a four-door sporty sedan launch. The brand new Estoque was unveiled at the well-known October’s Paris auto show.

The previews of the four-door and four-seaters Gallardo was excellent. It is priced at about $200,000. This launch would be the third model line for Lamborghini after the popular Murcielago and everyone’s favourite – Gallardo. Estoque will also be Lamborghini’s first-ever four-door separately from the LM002 Rambo Lambo off-roader. Provided the Estoque Lamborghini price and other features are well received, the credit crunch will not wipe out Lamborghini customers and it is said to be going into production, “potentially in four years,” as quoted by their president cum CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

“Lamborghini customers own many cars,” says Winkelmann, an elegant 42-year-old German gentleman. The one who was raised in Rome and who, with his close-fitting dark suits, tan shoes, and sharp ties, presented the car in the right way. He also says – “They currently own other sports cars, maybe an SUV, and almost certainly a luxury sedan or two. We would like that luxury sedan to be made by Lamborghini rather than by a rival.

Similarly, there are a lot of customers who find the current Lambo models a touch too extreme. Estoque is a Lambo that can be used every day with that motoring paradox: a serviceable and a sensible automobile more or less from Sant’Agata. Nevertheless, when it is a concern with names, Lamborghini has a history of meaningful names for their sacred inventions. Similarly, the thoughtful meaning behind Estoque is the sword, which was a weapon used by matadors during bullfighting.

Reasons to Own This Beast

If you have always been a crazy Lamborghini fan but patiently waited for a sports sedan or any automobile with four doors, then this is your best choice to fulfil your wishes.  Looking through the history of Lambos as a fan, you would have noticed that they make a lot of diverse cars but a luxury and sports sedan is a very rare combination. If you are looking for a word to replace the phrase modern Lamborghini sedan, which is also sporty and spacious, then the word is – Estoque.

With the Estoque Lamborghini price at almost INR 1.6 crore during its launch, it had taken the automobile fans by surprise when the popped hood exposed a powerful V10 engine. Here are a few of the main features of the sedan listed below so that you know what exactly the Estoque boasts of.

Engine and Transmission

Estoque Lamborghini uses the petrol fuel type with a powerful 6496cc, V12 engine, which has the ability to reach a maximum power of 640 bhp at 8000 rpm and a maximum torque 660 Nm at 6000 rpm.

Performance and Mileage

With a comfortable top speed of 340 Kmph, Estoque Lamborghini can comfortably reach form Kmph to 100 Kmph in just a matter of 3.30 seconds. With respect to the mileage, you can expect approximately 2.50 Kmpl within city limits and approximately 4.00 Kmpl on the highways. The quoted Estoque Lamborghini price is worth it all.

Dimensions and Weight

The classy Estoque Lamborghini shows off with an overall length of about 5150 mm and an overall width of 1990 mm. It is 1350 mm in overall height and possesses a wheelbase of 1350.0 mm. This four-door Lamborghini classic has a kerb weight of 1655.00 Kg and despite seating more than two people in terms of weight, it can comfortably rev up to 300 Kmph – 340 Kmph comfortably on the freeways.

Capacity and Brakes

With a seating capacity of four members and fuel tank capacity of 100 litres, you can plan a long trip with your friends or family without any hindrance.  The front brakes are ventilated with the rear brakes as disks. The overall suspension makes the passengers of Estoque Lamborghini not feel any jerks through the travel.

Wheels, Tyres and Additional Features

With each alloy wheel with a tyre size of 245/35 ZR18 – 335/30 ZR18, the comfort and convenience are not compensated. With rake steering adjustment and steering mounted controls, the driver of the Estoque can feel very comfortable during the ride.  With rear air conditioner vents and remote fuel filler, there is very less manual work required for the passengers as well. The air conditioner is of dual-zone climate control type and the power steering can also be tilted.

In terms of extra accessories, you can use the rear defogger, rain sensing wipers, body coloured bumpers, remote boot release, power windows, exterior features, tinted glass and outside rear-view mirrors, which are both side electric. With the advanced and luxury instruments in the car, the Estoque Lamborghini price actually seems pretty fair.

Few of the updated instruments include two trip distance meters and a tachometer; in terms of lighting, there are the xenon headlamps, darkness sensing headlamps and the front fog lights for a safe drive. For entertainment, this Lambo offers a music system, which is a Dash Integrated MP3 DVD Player.

Active and Passive Safety Features

Estoque does not compromise in terms of safety in any way. There are two rear seat belts, eight airbags, comfortable parking sensors for quick parking, braking and traction as well. There are EBD or Electronic Brake Distribution, ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System and ESP or Electronic Stability Program, which are all known safety braking system in the automobile industry. The traction control is the most significant feature of all.

Additionally, in terms of security and locks, there is a remote that controls the central locking system of the car. Comfort during travel is taken care of by the leather seats and other fashionable upholstery. It is also electrically possible for the driver to control or adjust his or her seat.

With the above-mentioned features, there is no doubt that this luxurious Lambo is the best sedan ever made. For more such information about your favourite automobiles, stay tuned to this blog!